At its most basic, stewardship is how we care for the gifts we have received from God. It means taking care of our environment, of other people, and of ourselves. Part of stewardship is returning some of our gifts of time, talent and treasure to God's work through the church. We make these commitments to bring us into a closer relationship with God by participating in God’s work.  

At various times of the year, the church invites members to commit their time and talent to various projects. Sunday school teaching, singing in the Choir, hosting coffee hour, reading the Scripture lessons, ushering and participating in our Outreach efforts are just a few of the many ways we may be called to serve.

During the annual Stewardship Campaign, we ask that every member of the church make a financial commitment as a part of their participation in our community.  To pledge, fill out a pledge card. We bless these cards at the altar on “Ingathering Sunday.” Pledges may also be sent to the parish office.


The most frequently asked question, of course, is how much to give? We are committed to the concept of proportional giving with 10 percent (the Biblical tithe) of gross income as our goal. We use the idea of proportional giving, rather than a flat sum, because we think it's important to think and pray about the relationship of what you give as a portion of all that you have received. With a proportion, it's easier to see progress toward the 10 percent goal as you increase your pledge every year. Proportional giving also lets us change our pledges when life circumstances change - we may lose a job or get a wonderful promotion and bonus. Pledges of any size are welcomed and appreciated.


The church considers your pledge a sacred trust.

We make every effort to make sure the amount is known only to those who need to know it. That includes our bookkeeper who sends out quarterly statements; and our rector who keeps track for pastoral purposes. (A change in giving patterns may be a sign of a significant alteration in a parish member's life that the rector needs to know about.)

Members of the clergy, the vestry and Stewardship Committee are available to discuss the general concepts of pledging. Most of us find pledging a deeply personal expression of our participation in God's work, which the church honors with respect and care.