Grace and peace to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

and welcome to the EPISCOPAL Church of the Epiphany, San Carlos California.  

We invite you to join us here at Epiphany, wherever you are on your spiritual path. We seek and strive to be a welcoming, inclusive and diverse spiritual home for many and we would love to share our journey with you.

Many of our members are not “cradle Episcopalians” but come from other - or no - church backgrounds. We are young and old, straight and LGBTQ. We believe that God’s doors are open to all and we humbly do our best to live out: “All are Welcome.”

Single? Married? Partner-ed? Divorced? We believe that God’s grace extends to all and so the church’s sacraments are for all. If you’re divorced, you are welcome to Communion at God’s Table, the altar. Desiring to celebrate a lifelong commitment? The Episcopal Church celebrates marriage with you, for all genders.


Our Sunday services (at 8:00am and 10:00am) center around Holy Communion (also called Eucharist).

We begin by being reminded of our place in God’s story as the scriptures (bible stories) are read, a sermon is preached, prayers are said together, and we celebrate God’s love and forgiveness.  Then we bless bread and wine in the name of Christ and share them as a sign of unity and source of strength. Finally, we are sent out into the world bearing those gifts of strength and hope.

At 8:00 a.m.  there’s a quiet, contemplative Eucharist (Rite II) without music.

At 10 a.m. our Holy Eucharist (Rite II) includes music and singing (all manner of voices being welcome :-). Our children hear the stories of the bible in “Godly Play” a Montessori-like way of learning about the wonders of God and creation. Childcare is available for the youngest, but they (and all children) are always welcome in church. There are rockers at the back of church for parents and infants if that’s helpful.

What should I wear?

There is no dress code. (After all, we live and worship in the Bay Area!) Some people dress up in their Sunday best and others show up in khakis or jeans. The important thing is that you are with us and are comfortable being with us.

Do I sit, stand or kneel?

Actor and comedian Robin Williams said that “pew aerobics” were among the “Top Ten Reasons for Being an Episcopalian.” (what are the other nine? click here) LINK You’ll quickly notice that people pray in a variety of postures and whatever is comfortable for them - and you - is the right way (i.e. there is no “just one right way.”) In the worship bulletin (that an usher hand will give you when you arrive), we make a few suggestions to make it easy for Newcomers (and Old Timers) to follow along.

Do you have provisions for the differently-abled?

Yes! We are wheelchair accessible. Come across the outdoor labyrinth and enter through the chapel. (Ask one of the outside Greeters for help, if needed.) Inside, we have adapted our front pews to welcome those with walkers or wheelchairs. Hearing-assist devices are available from the ushers. Our bulletins include all the words and music so you don’t have to juggle books (but if you love singing in parts, grab a hymnal from the pew rack in front of you).


After the services we enjoy coffee hour in our parish hall, located next to the church building. Kids hang out on the church’s playground while adults catch up with others - and welcome newcomers.


Epiphany was founded in 1947 as a parish in the Episcopal Diocese of California. Our primary mission is To know and share God's light. Our ministry goals in support of this mission are:

  • to enable lay ministry both inside and outside the church

  • to have a special focus upon ministry for and with children and youth

  • to create a warm atmosphere of growth and inclusion within our community

  • to be responsible stewards of our resources

We are a growing, hope filled parish in the midst of Silicon Valley, with a vital congregation drawn from all walks of life. Our worship, which binds us together, welcomes people with diverse understanding of God, faith and the Holy. Our clergy won’t tell you “what” to believe but are happy to sit with you and any questions or “wonderings” you may have.

The easiest way to explore? Come join us! Click here for directions to Epiphany. To help us get to know you, please contact us or introduce yourselves to any of us - or one of the clergy - after the service. Don’t forget to stop by our coffee hour after services. We would love to meet you!

About The Episcopal Church

Who are Episcopalians?  What makes us distinct? 

The Episcopal Church of the Epiphany is part of the  national Episcopal church  and our local Diocese of California, led by The Right Reverend Bishop Marc Andrus.

Episcopal Cafe

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Bishop Marc on one of his visits to Epiphany.

Bishop Marc on one of his visits to Epiphany.