Spiritual Formation

  Spiritual Formation  

Spiritual Learning

We believe that it is never to soon,
nor too late, to learn.

Ongoing Adult Opportunities    

Spiritual formation can sound like a big idea, but it is really the name for all the things we do to grow deeper in our faith.  What "forms" you as a person growing in the love and knowledge of God? Below are some resources for important pieces of spiritual formation. 


Prayer is conversation with God. Like any good conversation, sometimes we need to just listen. Other times, it's our turn to tell our story, and yet others, for conversation.  Below are some resources you can find on the web. Check back again for books and local prayer opportunities.

Episcopal 101

On Sunday February 15, 2015,  our rector, the Reverend Melanie Donahoe, will offer an informal "Episcopal 101" talk following the 10:00 service.  We will discuss a bit of the history and attributes of the Episcopal Church - often known as the "Via Media" - the "Middle Way" (between Catholic and Protestant backgrounds).    All questions are welcome.  We hope this will  be especially helpful to Newcomers but it's always fun to have "cradle Episcopalians" join us too.  We learn from one another.

Come to the Water Lenten Luncheon Series

On four Sundays of Lent, March 22, April 1, 8 and 22, Melanie will offer a pot-luck series of conversations based upon her sabbatical retreat in the Holy Land last summer.  Called "Come to the Water" we will journey with Jesus as he was baptized, went into the Desert for a time of spiritual discernment, and preached his message of the Reign of God.   Melanie will incorporate photos from her time in Israel/Palestine.

This will be a wonderful Lenten series for everyone and will be especially helpful for adults who may be interested in preparation for baptism, being received in the Church or who wish to renew their baptismal vows.


Ongoing Opportunities for Children and Youth

Passport Media http://www.d365.org/back2school/

Daily Office Online dailyoffice.org
Morning and Evening Prayer, as well as great Q & A section about prayer in Anglican tradition.

Mission St. Claire missionstclare.com/english/index.html
Morning Prayer, as well as a place to “light" a candle as you say a prayer, and other resources.

Online Labyrinth gracecathedral.org/labyrinth/interactions/index.shtml#
(click on the purple box that says “launch online interactive labyrinth")
The labyrinth is an ancient tool for meditation–usually for walking prayer. At this site, you can "walk" from your desk!


Anglican Rosary (praying with beads)

The Anglican Rosary offers a tactile way to use our hands, mind and heart in prayer.
The sites below each offer some history and suggested models for prayer.

Children's Faith Formation